November 23rd, 2016

Integrity: Towards a Definition

by Clinton Chisholm

Some time back I heard an account, perhaps anecdotal or fictitious, about a man who was stealing electricity and a friend rebuked him about it by saying “Robbie yu cyaan do dat man yu a rab revenue.” His angry reply …

November 18th, 2016

Parenting: No Child’s Play

by Clinton Chisholm


It’s parenting month and I urge a mischievous thought. Either God gave children to parents to teach them [the parents] patience/humility or God gave parents to children that children might be trained by them. Whatever, there is a teaching responsibility …

November 8th, 2016

Jamaica: A Jericho Road Without a Samaritan?

by Clinton Chisholm

Jamaica: A Jericho Road Without a Samaritan

The narrow approximately 20 mile stretch of road from Jerusalem to Jericho mentioned in the parable of the Samaritan (Lk. 10:30-37) was infested with robbers or bandits who hid out in the caves along the way. We are so familiar …

October 20th, 2016

The Trinity: A Primer

by Clinton Chisholm

The Trinity: A Primer

Within Christianity, there are three basic groupings concerning the composition of the Godhead.  There are trinitarians, binitarians and unitarians or ‘oneness’.


Trinitarians hold that the biblical testimony reveals that the term ‘God’ is applied to three distinct persons, described …

October 13th, 2016

Jesus is God in John

by Clinton Chisholm


If our Jehovah’s Witnesses friends are correct in their view that Jesus is not regarded as God in John or anywhere else in the New Testament, then all churches need to repent of heresy, radically revise their doctrines and seek …

September 18th, 2016

Sexuality: Born What Again?

by Clinton Chisholm

Born What

Based on nothing better than a hunch most religious persons who are ‘straight’ think that they were born that way but most of such persons have a hard time conceding even the possibility that persons who are ‘gay’ are born …